10 Stone Cold Stunners That Shocked The World

We never saw these KICK-WHAMS coming...

If you were a WWE Superstar during the Attitude era, the chances are you fell victim to the Stone Cold Stunner on at least one occasion. It€™s earned The Rattlesnake nearly all of his big victories, it's been the centre of some of the most iconic moments in WWE history and it is arguably the most popular finishing move of all-time.

If you've been removed from pop culture from the last twenty years, here is a breakdown of how the move works: the unfortunate recipient first has their gut kicked by Austin, then their - as Austin himself so eloquently phrases - €œstack of dimes they call a neck" trapped in an overarm face lock, followed by their jaw being rammed into Austin's shoulder with such hellacious impact that they won't get up for a very, very long time.

Being the toughest SOB walking planet Earth, Steve Austin had little time for debate. Thus when the glass broke and that familiar music hit, Austin always meant business and, sooner rather than later, someone was going to fall victim to the definitive move. We saw it coming every time.

Or did we?

There have been some extraordinary moments during Stone Cold€™s run where NOBODY saw the Stunner coming - sometimes not even Austin himself. We all know Austin played by his own rules and lived and died by his famous €˜DTA€™ mantra - Don€™t Trust Anyone.

The Stunners in this list truly reflect that. Some left us astonished, others left us distraught...


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