10 Storylines WWE ENJOYED Ruining

A legacy of letdowns.


It shouldn't and probably isn't in WWE's DNA to ruin great wrestling.

Their product, for better and worse, is a show that never ends. Their structure is one that affords, justifies and actively encourages this ludicrous schedule. When it comes to audience, theirs is a vocal-but-patient and loyal one, even though 2019 marked the first year that they wouldn't be responsible for over half of the company's revenue. As a business, it is a system that shouldn't function so successfully from a financial point of view whilst it fails so profoundly and producing common sense creative and well-structured storytelling as an end product. Indeed, in spite of best efforts (or...some efforts at least), fans and television executives want to spend money on WWE, and WWE thus don't want to ruin the reason way.

Apart from when they do.

It can't have escaped your attention that Ricochet's recent loss to Brock Lesnar was stark in how brutal and basic it was. 'The One & Only' beat every big man on Raw and was then hauled into a studio to give a bit of a "and I'm gonna beat Brock too" speech for a video packages ahead of the eventual squash. And this was a squash. He lost again a few days later on Raw in what might yet prove to be the start of a redemptive arc, but imagine not needing that redemption in the first place.

Sometimes, the decision makers honestly just can't help themselves...


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