10 Strange Wrestling Debuts That Left Fans Bewildered

Failure to launch.


There are many ways for wrestlers to make an impact on their debut. They can opt for total chaos, as Nexus did when they laid waste to John Cena and the RAW arena back in 2010. They can give an iconic promo, as Scott Hall did when he told WCW "You people, you know who I am... but you don't know why I'm here". Or they can simply hint at the greatness to come, as Asuka did when her threatening smile on the entrance ramp teased the carnage she would wreak on the NXT roster.

All of the above examples left the wrestling world buzzing with anticipation for what was to come next. The entrants on this list, however, left us scratching our heads at what we'd just witnessed. Either through nonsensical character transformations, weird behaviour or outright terrible gimmicks, each wrestler on this list left us more baffled than intrigued when they made their first steps through the curtain.

Oh, and if the mention of Nexus brings to mind a certain contemporary RAW faction then rest assured - we will most certainly be discussing them later...

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