10 Strangest Things Wrestlers Ever Bought

8. Matt Hardy's Sculpture Of His Own Head

Baron Corbin Matt Hardy

Though Matt Hardy didn't technically buy himself this truly bizarre gift, the fact it is likely still in his possession somewhere in the Hardy Compound is more than enough to justify its inclusion on this list.

Feeling as though she needed to push the boat out and buy her husband something truly personal for his 40th birthday, Reby Hardy apparently felt that a life-size sculpture of the wrestling veteran's head was the way to go in 2014.

So, she enlisted the help of the folks at Tom Spina Designs in New York and before long a hand-sculpted plaster style bust of the Team Xtreme member was delivered to the man of the hour.

As tends to be the case more often than not with sculptures of this nature, the finished product doesn't quite mirror the mug of the now-AEW man, coming off as a rather surreal tribute more than anything. But, it's the thought that counts, right?


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