10 Superstar-Centric Gimmick Wrestling Matches

Asylums, hog pens, and boiler rooms are among the strange locations hidden within.


The world of professional wrestling is full of weird gimmick matches. We are all familiar with the more standard ones: your ladders, tables, steel cages, and the like. When a feud has reached the point of no return we often see competitors face off with stipulations aplenty, and these classic matches are often booked.

A number of gimmick matches are closely tied to a single competitor, however. Heck, I could stretch this further and say that the classic TLC matches are something of a rock, paper, scissors of this idea, but there's a difference between a trademark ladder match and a trademark Punjabi Prison match.

Unsurprisingly, The Undertaker has a whole host of these. As well as the two that make it onto this list, the Deadman has also taken part in a couple of 'Last Ride' matches, where the aim is to force your opponent into the back of a hearse and drive it out of the arena.

It isn't all about 'Taker though. A number of WWE and WCW stars past and present had gimmick matches created purely for their characters. Here are a whole load of them.

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