10 Surprises WWE Could Pull At Backlash 2018

Backlash has been no stranger to surprises in the past. Just ask Jinder Mahal...


WWE are wasting no time when it comes to pay-per-views. With just under a month passed since WrestleMania 34, and a mere week removed from the Greatest Royal Rumble in Saudi Arabia, they're back at it again with Backlash coming to us this Sunday.

This year's Backlash will be the first co-branded B-show pay-per-view since Battleground 2016. It got lost in the shuffle a bit, considering how much emphasis was being placed on on the Greatest Royal Rumble. There's been more storyline build to the Backlash card, as opposed to the Rumble's house show feel.

WWE have built a habit of pulling out weird and wonderful surprises. Whether or not they get leaked by news outlets is a different story. Backlash has the potential to be an exciting night for the company, depending on how well things go.

There are several things fans are hoping to see happen in New Jersey. With WrestleMania and the Superstar Shakeup in the rear-view mirror, now is the time for WWE to start their next chapter and give us a glimpse of what's to come in the near future.


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