10 Surprising Ages Of WWE Superstars

Does age matter in pro-wrestling?

Zack Baron Ages

Did you know that John Cena, AJ Styles, and Jeff Hardy were all born in the same year? Did you also know that Cena is the oldest of the three, while Hardy is the youngest?

Yes, age can be a bit of an anomaly in the world of professional wrestling. Nowadays, there are guys like Bobby Lashley looking incredible and doing his best work at 41 years old, but then there are guys like Kazuchika Okada who are setting the wrestling world ablaze at just 30 years of age. But the whole "age is just a number" concept isn't exactly new to pro-wrestling. Hell, Gorilla Monsoon once referred to the 45-year-old Carlos Colon as a "fiery youngster" when he made a surprise entrance into the 1993 Royal Rumble. To be fair, Monsoon was often inept on commentary, but nevertheless - in a lot of cases, a wrestler's age and experience level directly corresponds to the amount of time they've been a part of WWE canon. That's why Daniel Bryan was considered a "rookie" to The Miz's "pro" (see NXT Season 1).

As of this writing, the average age of the active WWE roster is about 34 years old (yes, I did the math), but most of them are either 30 or 32 years old. While it's generally pretty easy to guess how old some of the wrestlers are, there are a handful of talents who are much older or much younger than they appear to be...

10. Alicia Fox, 31

Zack Baron Ages

You might not believe this, but Alicia Fox has been signed to WWE for twelve years.

Fox signed her developmental contract with WWE in 2006 and debuted on SmackDown in June of 2008. Given that she's been on WWE television for so long, you'd think that she would be maybe...35? 37 years old?

Nope. She's 31, going to be 32 in June.

In fact, she is actually a few months younger than Charlotte Flair, who signed with WWE six years after she did. She is also younger than a few of her less-tenured contemporaries, including Lana, Nia Jax, and Asuka.

Ain't that crazy as a fox?


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