10 Tattoos Wrestlers Totally Regret

Hello, WWE wrestler! What's that ink on your neck/throat/shoulder/hands/buttocks?

Bron Breakker Goldberg Tattoo

There's a reason why this writer has exactly zero tattoos.

He's terrified he'll walk into the place, panic, pick something randomly off the wall and regret it for the rest of his life. 'Oh, but you can cover it up', come the cries - sure, but that's nowhere near as easy as most folks make it sound. There are loads of people who walk around inked with tatts they wish they didn't have.

Pro wrestlers are no different. The men and women of WWE might spot a design they think will jazz up their appearance on screen and get it done. Of course, they'll have to clear it with Vince McMahon first, because that's how company policies work, but it's possible.

Countless workers must regret some of the tattoos they've had inked though. This list alone has a fair few of the most embarrassing pieces you'll ever see. There are neck monstrosities, rebellious messages, iffy penis-looking designs and tributes to childhood heroes.

All of them capture a certain time and place in someone's life, but that's not always a good thing. Yeah, cover-up jobs incoming...

10. Batista’s Cement Heart

Bron Breakker Goldberg Tattoo

Might as well start with an ass.

No, not Batista. He's lovely, and is a tremendous follow on social media for inspiring introspection on everything from living your dreams to dealing with social anxiety. The man is covered in ink too, so there's always some nice artwork to look at and learn about.

Big Dave himself doesn't regret any of his remaining tatts, but he did once tell Today Online about the time he got his butt tattoo'd. 'The Animal' was really young at the time, and he only chose his buttock because that meant his dad wouldn't see it and lecture him afterwards.

Batista regretted the ink eventually though - fellow WWE stars would occasionally catch a glimpse of the "cement heart" he had on his arse in the showers, and that led to some awkward questions. Dave finally got the thing covered up in 2007, and it pretty glad he no longer has to deal with it.


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