10 Teams Who Could Win The AEW Trios Titles From Death Triangle

9. The Factory

Dustin Rhodes Darby Allin Sting

With The Factory long since stigmatised as geeks and losers, suggesting them for championship glory might scan as barrel scraping but let’s explore the idea.

In his wonky feud with Cody Rhodes, Anthony Ogogo at least managed to establish his right hook to the gut as a pretty lethal weapon and he’s added a little wrestling theatricality to create “The Guv’ner’s Hammer”. If anything, Ogogo’s right arm was sold as such a threat in the Cody feud, the finisher feels overpowered in singles competition.

The former professional boxer is a charismatic guy with a legitimate sports background, but since that stigmatising feud he’s been missing from AEW TV. A trios run could be a good opportunity to reestablish Ogogo on Dynamite or Rampage.

His finisher could be the team’s plausible kill shot, giving QT Marshall and his collection of misfits a realistic chance of a win. Plus Ogogo himself could be built up as the guy other teams need to keep on the outside or otherwise neutralise. This would be a good way to shake off the stink from that initial singles feud and prepare him for a second tilt at singles glory.


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