10 Terrible Gimmick Wrestling Matches One Tweak Away From Excellence

Close to perfection, but even closer to chaos...

WWE most recent Hell In A Cell debacle (imagine the timeline where that qualifier was required, only don't, because we're in it) was another reminder that even the most treasured stipulations can be blown to pieces by bad booking.

Though Shawn Michaels insisted on getting on top of the structure during its original airing in 1997, his efforts weren't remotely in betrayal of the story being told. 'HBK' was on the run the entire time, and the need to open the door to set free an injured cameraman was all the excuse he needed. Similarly, when The Undertaker blocked his route to the back, Michaels genuinely believed safety awaited him in the heavens rather than trapped in the titular hell.

22 years on, and the company would have long stopped the match. Seth Rollins and Bray Wyatt's contemporary catastrophe was b*llocks at best and career-killing at worst. The true results remain to be seen, but have the company conclusively cocked up the prestige of what used to be known as "Satan's Prison".

It was hell to watch, at very least. As were all of these matches, though in direct contrast to the mesh, these never truly stood a chance. Though they could have...

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