10 Terrible WWE Main Events One Tweak Away From Excellence

"Worst pro wrestling on the planet. Period." But it didn't have to be...


At WWE's second Crown Jewel event in October 2019, Seth Rollins lost his once-beloved Universal Championship to The Fiend Bray Wyatt.

'Monday Night Rollins' had given so much of himself to winning that red strap (twice) in 2019 for the good of the flagship that he had nothing left. And not in the weird, unhinged breathy way he described his circumstances ahead of defeating Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam. Pfft, he wishes. No, in the way that he's now just the latest top babyface to be booed out of buildings, to be pillioried on Twitter for leaping to the defence of an organisation that simply doesn't warrant it, and to have his back catalogue reframed based on several years of matches not quite on the level of the ones he had before an 2015 injury suffered by the same road rigours he wanted desperately to return to.

Like many of his 2019 clashes, the loss to The Fiend was another disappointment - but at least it yielded the right result. It subsequently won't ever be considered terrible, even though it was destined to be graded on perhaps the shallowest curve in company history too. Just weeks earlier, the pair had assembled a catastrophe so rotten it will almost certainly outlive them both.


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