10 Things AEW Can Learn From WCW Nitro's Debut

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For the first time since WCW fizzled out (and ultimately became Vince McMahon's property) in 2001 and TNA tried to establish a new 'Monday Night War' with iMPACT! in 2010, WWE could have some competition.

AEW, the next hopeful in line, has promise. The company is backed by the mega-rich Khan family, has shrewd business minds like Cody Rhodes, The Young Bucks and Chris Jericho in tow, and the promotion has buzz before landing on TV or pay-per-view. The future is already looking up, so what better time than now to look to the past?

There was a time when McMahon's ironclad grip on the North American wrestling TV market seemed impenetrable. Then, Eric Bischoff improvised during a meeting with Ted Turner and accidentally ended up with two hours of prime time telly every Monday. Nitro was born, and it changed everything.

The very first episode aired on 4 September 1995. It was a hot start from Bischoff's group; he and they dared to go nose-to-nose with the market leader and beat them at their own game. Here's everything AEW suits can learn from WCW's daring approach, and what they can take from the one-hour debut itself...

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