10 Things You Didn't Know About Dolph Ziggler

1. The Origins Of His Name

Ziggler wrestled under his real name - Nick Nemeth - for some time in the developmental territories, and even used his real first name whilst wrestling with The Spirit Squad. So where on Earth do you get a name like Dolph Ziggler from? Mick Foley spoke out about Ziggler's name recently, saying it wasn't a good choice and it wasn't helping his progress. Whilst that may or may not be true, nobody should be looking at the WWE for giving him the name - as Ziggler picked it himself. His first name of Dolph is actually a family thing, and he picked it due to it being his great grandfather's name, which is pretty similar to the way Curtis Axel came to get his name, in all fairness. And the Ziggler part of his name? He claimed that was something his friends pitched to him, and he liked it so much, that it simply stuck. So even though Foley doesn't like his character name, it's hard to see him dropping it any time soon.
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