10 Things You Didn't Know About Vince Russo

As told by him... writing slideshows exclusively for WhatCulture.com.

Awesome Vince Russo WhatCulture.com is pleased to welcome Vince Russo to our writing team. As the former head of creative in WWF's Attitude Era, as well as the head of creative during WCW's collapse and prominent on-screen personality, Vince has been at the very epicentre of the wrestling industry at some of wrestling's most crucial points. He is looking forward to sharing with our readers his recollections of these experiences in his new weekly WhatCulture.com column. Previous to his work in the success of the Attitude Era, Russo had been the editor of WWF magazine. He was promoted to the head of WWF creative in early 1997, working closely with Vince McMahon to inspire a new brand of characters and storylines. His contributions to edgier stories involving sex, swearing, violence, swerves, turns and worked shoots eventually helped make the WWF an entertainment colossus. Then in late 1999 he left the WWF at the height of his success, choosing to take up the head of creative role at the declining WCW. Unfortunately WCW's woes didn't improve, Russo instigated more gimmicks and worked shoots, ultimately failing to save the promotion's ever decreasing audience. Amid all of this he ended up becoming an on-screen character himself, winning the WCW World Title and becoming Champion. For all the undeniable success he achieved with the Attitude Era, Russo ended up taking criticism for his role in the demise of WCW. He later went on to do some work in TNA and is currently working on his website pyroandballyhoo.com He starts his debut WhatCulture column with 10 shocking and fascinating insights into things you didn't know about his history in the business..

Former head of creative for the WWF and WCW during the most crucial period in wrestling industry history. Currently working on pyroandballyhoo.com, writing weekly slideshows exclusively for WhatCulture.com.