10 Things Everybody Hates About AMAZING Wrestling Matches

Rebellious WWE fans, AEW screw-ups and more moments that ruined epic matches.

Seth Rollins Finn Balor WWE SummerSlam 2016

Every single match on this list is worth watching.

Do so, and you'll enjoy some of the best pro wrestling around. There are power-based thrillers, technical marvels, back-and-forth classics, enduring epics, ultra-violent brawls and more to savour here - there's a reason the word "AMAZING" is all caps in the title. These bouts are certainly that, but they do have something else in common.

Sadly, every one of them features just one thing that most fans hate. Does it ruin their impact on industry history? No, not quite, but it is rather annoying to see some of the best scraps in memory get tarnished by a poor booking choice, crappy call, unfortunate botch or a quite baffling lack of planning from the company itself.

There's also a castigating glance towards live crowds. Specifically, how some audiences can f*ck up an otherwise-top bout by either acting like spoiled brats who want to make it all about themselves or because they don't like something else that's going on in the background.

Wrestling fans rarely see eye-to-eye on much, but everybody can agree that these incredible matches would've been even better without the following...

10. WCW Screws Up PPV

Seth Rollins Finn Balor WWE SummerSlam 2016

Match: Goldberg vs. DDP (WCW Halloween Havoc 1998)

Why People Hate It: Oh, World Championship Wrestling. A promotion so guilty of oversights that entire books have been penned about them. At Halloween Havoc 1998, WCW was still hot sh*t, but they damaged some customer goodwill by failing to clear a pay-per-view run over with the cable companies.

So, those who purchased Havoc saw their feeds go dark whilst the main event between DDP and Goldberg was still in progress. Hollywood Hogan and Warrior had gone over their own time, so the main didn't have enough to work with and folks weren't exactly happy about it.

Here's the thing: Havoc '98's headliner was Goldberg's best ever WCW match. It was a competitive, hard-fought cracker that delighted the live crowd and deserved to be seen by the world. Trust WCW management to screw it all up by overlooking something so simple though.

This has become the bout's legacy - not the fact it was awesome.


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