10 Things That Must Happen Before WrestleMania 35

10. Fix The US Title


This is not the answer.

After an AJ Styles reign built around a lacklustre Kevin Owens' feud, 70 days of boredom from Baron Corbin, Dolph Ziggler throwing the belt down, and a dopey Bobby Roode vs. Randy Orton storyline based on a fake top 10 list, strapping Jinder Mahal won't help anything.

The United States Title division is a shower of s***. It needs a complete revamp, but 'The Maharaja' will bring more of the same. The matches will be pedestrian, the feuds bland, and the division shall remain an unorganised mess through which SmackDown's least interesting performs will frequently drift.

Mahal, Roode, Orton, and Rusev's Fatal Four-Way wasn't WrestleMania's worst, but it barely broke out of second gear - as has been the case all year. The solution? Crown a champion the fans actually believe in, remove the vanilla stallers, and rebuild it around fun midcard bouts. There are more than enough solid wrestlers on the roster to make it work, though the general malaise that has crept through the brand since Road Dogg's ascension in the writing team makes improvements unlikely.


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