10 Things That Must Happen Before WrestleMania 36

WWE have their work cut out before hitting Tampa next year.


It has been close to three weeks since the curtain fell on WWE's season finale, WrestleMania 35, but only now does it feel like the company are truly looking to the future.

A dearth of shocks and surprises tanked the Raw and SmackDown after 'Mania, and this year's Superstar Shake-Up was even more confusing than ever, with several wrestlers changing brands more than once across two weeks' worth of TV tapings. Let's hope that now, finally, the chaos is in the rearview, the new season is underway, and WWE can begin building to the Raymond James Stadium on 5 April 2020.

The next 12 months will be challenging. AEW have brought competition back to professional wrestling, viewership is plummeting at a rate almost thrice as sharp as the average top 25 US cable station, and dissent plagues the WWE locker-room. If Vince McMahon must work harder than ever if he's to stop the rot and satiate viewers and investors alike. Fail, and WWE will keep losing ground across the board: even their once-indomitable financial stats are starting to show cracks.

A healthy, thriving WWE is best for everyone, so let's hope they pull it off...


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