10 Things That Will Happen When Triple H Takes Over WWE

Will 'The Game' usher in a brave new era?


From almost the very moment Triple H tied the knot with Stephanie McMahon, fans have been wondering how WWE might look under the stewardship of the 'King of Kings'.

And now that his father-in-law appears to be edging closer to retirement - which is to say that he no longer spends three hours every Monday night bellowing instructions into Michael Cole's ear-piece - it appears that Triple H the boss is at last close to becoming a thing of reality as well as fan fiction.

But what does that mean for actual, real-life WWE? It was easy to joke about 'The Gamet clocking up his 25th title reign as a 50-something, but it's not so funny now that he's actually got his hands on the nuclear codes (actually, that's Donald Trump's presidency, but you get the point).

The entertainment landscape is constantly evolving these days, and WWE has its fingers in so many different pies that it's difficult to keep up. The opportunities to break new ground continue to come thick and fast, and under Trips, you fancy that there would be more appetite for risk-taking.

Or would there?

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