10 Things That Would Happen If Conor McGregor Joined WWE

The most over superstar on planet earth.

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In the sports entertainment world of UFC and WWE, the most over superstar (by a far distance) is Conor McGregor.

The current UFC Featherweight Champion carried the MMA brand to 1.5 million PPV buys in his last fight, and 1.2 million buys in the fight before that. It is WrestleMania type numbers, all off the back of his sensational personality.

Which is where the WWE link comes in. McGregror's act is pure pro wrestling, smart suits, private jets, a strutting walk, he is a carefully put together character. And as for his promos, he's a better talker than anyone in WWE right now.

That's how he's created so much for wealth for UFC, his actual MMA performances are still open to debate. He's agile, he's athletic, and a deadly striker, but in terms of overall MMA he does look limited. He was severely exposed in his last fight against Nate Diaz's jiu jitsu.

That loss has resulted in the current controversy. McGregor has refused to show up for UFC media obligations, insisting that he need to focus on training. Unimpressed, UFC President Dana White pulled him from UFC 200. McGregor's first reaction was to retire, leading to some assumptions he could go to WWE.

His promos and character would certainly fit in with McMahon. The WWE website even teased the idea of signing him the day after the fake retirement. As for McGregor, he recently followed Triple H and Stephanie McMahon on Twitter.

Let's be clear, a move remains unlikely, but stranger things have happened, and if a deal was done, this is what you could expect from WWE superstar Conor McGregor.

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