10 Things We Learned From Bayley On Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Sessions

Bayley talks feeling like an "outsider", NXT, 2020 and more with Steve Austin on WWE Network.


There's the sweetest moment around an hour into Bayley's chat with Steve Austin on the latest 'Broken Skull Sessions'.

During the pair's watch-along of her match with Sasha Banks at HIAC 2020 late-last year, Austin suddenly remarks that Bayley never "over-plays" anything on camera. Then, one of the biggest legends in pro wrestling history goes further by saying the heel gets everything just right. Almost embarrassed, Bayley looks lost for words and glances down.

That one exchange sums up the dynamic on the latest episode of Austin's WWE Network show - it's genuine, and it's another good talk between real-life pals that never once pretends Bayley is actually some aloof super-bitch who believes her own hype. She's humble, 'Stone Cold' knows it and he wants to give his pal props for working hard.

There was more beneath the hood on BSS too. Bayley and Austin talked everything from NXT memories and psychology to believing in yourself, having fun during a rough 2020 and what sly impact Eddie Guerrero almost had on her career.

Here's everything you need to know from another enlightening interview...


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