10 Things We Learned From Eric Bischoff’s Podcast: New World Order

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Nwo Bash At The Beach 1996

Joining good pals Bruce Prichard and Tony Schiavone, ex-WCW boss Eric Bischoff is the latest big name to be pinned down by podcast mogul Conrad Thompson for a new show. Entitled "83 Weeks", it aims to examine in-depth how Bischoff's Nitro toppled Raw's dominance on the Monday night market during the mid-90s.

The first episode has landed, and it centres on one of Eric's finest creations: the nWo.

It's early days for Thompson and Bischoff, so the same chemistry Conrad enjoys with Bruce and Tony simply isn't there yet. Indeed, Bisch came across a little guarded (almost too guarded at times) throughout, but there's enough detail about the signings of Scott Hall/Kevin Nash and behind-the-scenes talk about the angle to make it enjoyable.

Whether you take anything said about WCW with a pinch of salt or not, it's true that nobody is better-placed than Eric Bischoff to lend insight into the promotion's day-to-day drama. Given time, he'll surely open up in future episodes.

Either that or Thompson, well-known for bringing the best out in his guests, will Powerbomb him through a nearby table. Bischoff might have to rehearse it this time, though...


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