10 Things We Learned From Vince McMahon's Variety Interview

"It's easy to weave talent in and out of a storyline."

Skim over a few select paragraphs in Variety's interview/article with/on one Vincent Kennedy McMahon and you'd be forgiven for thinking the WWE chairman wrote it. An awful lot of the piece is gushing (he has "a helmet of lacquered hair", they say) and it paints the company in a favourable light even when analysing subjects like John Oliver's criticisms or the decision to plough ahead with controversial shows in Saudi Arabia.

In fairness, topics like WWE's legit ability to turn an $11 stock price into shares floating at $85-88 in just five years are handled sensibly. Variety acknowledge that McMahon, whilst the most successful wrestling promoter the industry has ever seen, does often struggle when promoting projects outside his comfort zone. There's not much attempt to disguise that side of things.

Vince chimes in too, adding some comments of his own in this quasi-interview with the boss. They're all fascinating, for various reasons, and so are words from outside media analysts, FOX Sports executives, WWE insiders and more.

Here's everything we learned from McMahon's rare personal foray into the mainstream media...


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