10 Things WWE Fans Need To Know About Bayley

Everything you need to know about the Doctor of Huganomics.

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Ladies and Gentlemen, the next NXT Women's Champion - Bayley!

Is it too soon to crown her just yet? We're still a few days away from the latest NXT PPV, but it's all but guaranteed that Bayley will take the belt off of Sasha Banks when they finally clash at the Barclays Center. Triple H and the rest of the bookers have invested too much in Bayley's latest push to turn back now - she's beaten Emma, Charlotte, and Becky, all in a row. With Sasha moving up to the main roster, it's Bayley's time to shine and have her own run with the belt.

Bayley's character is that of a wide-eyed, WWE fangirl. She is, without irony, both joyful and optimistic, and this has gotten her over with a wide range of fans. To older dudes, she's the perky girl next door. To younger boys, she's an accessible crush. To young girls, she's a permissive big sister. And to all of them, Bayley is one hell of a wrestler. She can grapple, apply wristlocks, and cinch in headlocks with precision. She has a good arsenal of aerial moves as well. And she can sell and bump, and is a master at garnering the audience's sympathy.

Here are 10 things you didn't know about Bayley - there isn't much out there about the next big thing in NXT.

10. Her Trainer Wanted Her To Stop Smiling So Much

bayley wwe black and white

The average professional wrestler, when she walks to the ring, has her game face on. Her brow furrows in a permanent scowl of determination. But when Bayley first started training with Jason Styles, she couldn't resist her glee.

“When I first started training, my trainer told me to stop smiling so much,” Bayley said in an interview with the Miami Herald. “It was just fun to me. I couldn’t help it.”

The best wrestlers play a version of themselves with the volume turned up, and Bayley has clearly incorporated her natural enthusiasm into her face persona.

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