10 Things WWE Fans Need To Know About The Rascalz/MSK

Charisma, comedy, and death-defying wrestling: NXT's Wes Lee & Nash Carter have it all.


One of the best things about pro wrestling at the moment is the surge of shining young talent keen to prove their worth on the big stages. Any AEW fan will testify to the brilliance of such acts as Top Flight, Anna Jay, and Jungle Boy, so WWE needs to make sure they are getting in on the act.

This is why NXT's signing of MSK is such a good move. For some context, MSK are a tag team consisting of larger-than-life young superstars, Nash Carter and Wes Lee. However, long-term fans would know them better from their previous packaging of Zachary Wentz and Dezmond Xavier, respectively, from their former stable of the Rascalz in Impact Wrestling.

Under the Rascalz brand, these guys made a fair few stops before hitting the NXT spotlight, and it's worth knowing their backstory before savouring the delights they are already providing as MSK. With a momentous wedge of their career now firmly behind them and a strong possibility of big things going forward, Carter and Lee are not a pair you want to miss out on.

Here's what makes them so exciting...

10. They Had A Notable Run In The Indies

AAW Pro Wrestling

As soon as you watch MSK on NXT, from the moment they bounce their way towards the ring, it's immediately clear that Nash Carter and Wes Lee have a passion for success in the industry and that they love the wrestling lifestyle. Their previous track record is proof of this.

Under their previous brand of Rascalz (and also briefly Scarlet and Graves) Carter and Lee signed to Impact Wrestling back in 2018, but also diligently ran the indie gauntlet and bagged a few titles in the process. To name just a few, they performed in All American Wrestling, Combat Zone Wrestling, and Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, and won tag team championships in all of the above. Flaunting wrestling gold is something they are therefore highly used to.

The fact that many promotions have gotten behind them in this way says a lot about the energy they bring to the arena. Besides the name change and a possible mild dilution of the wackiness they brought to Impact Wrestling (more on that further down the list), their momentum in WWE remains highly energised.


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