10 Things WWE Regrets About SummerSlam

F-bombs, wasted opportunities, child custody, divorce, and Shawn being Shawn.


It's that time of the year when WWE is gearing up for its summer bonanza, SummerSlam.

To some fans, the annual SummerSlam event is seen as the second-biggest PPV of the wrestling calendar - only behind WrestleMania in those stakes - and so often audiences have been treated to all-time classic matches or hugely memorable segments and moments.

Since debuting live on PPV in 1988, SummerSlam has given fans some spectacular events, and WWE will clearly be hoping for another special night come August 11th. The annual show hasn't always been perfect, mind.

When looking back through the history of SummerSlam, there are clearly some moments that stand out for the wrong reasons. And it's on those moments that we're going to hone in on here.

WWE may champion SummerSlam as a huge deal and an event filled with wonderful moments, but on the other side of that coin are a whole host of SummerSlam happenings that Vince McMahon and WWE would love for you to forget ever happened.

With that in mind, then, here at ten such examples of things that WWE regrets about their summer extravaganza.


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