10 Things WWE Regrets About WrestleMania

History hasn't been very kind to some of these "classic" 'Mania moments...

kid rock wrestlemania

WrestleMania is a glitzy, glamourous medley of pro wrestling, music, celebrity, pop culture, gorgeously-produced hype packages and overpriced hot dogs.

For WWE, the annual event is a license to print money; both hardcore and casual fans alike come together to celebrate everything about the promotion's product, and there's a general sense of occasion that's missing elsewhere in the year. Make no mistake, 'Mania is supposed to be the pinnacle of WWE every single spring.

Spanning 34 shows (to date) and countless hours of entertainment, the show has become WWE's version of the Super Bowl. Just like Super Bowl LIII between the Patriots and the Rams though, it isn't always perfect. WWE must have a few regrets about some of the things they've shoved in front of fans on the card. They might not have been immediate regrets, but time sure hasn't been kind to them.

Women have been undermined or used for sex appeal, so-called celebrities have bored everyone to death and pop stars, rappers and rockers alike have taken time away from the actual matches. Then, there's the booking, a mishmash of implied murder, casual racism and questionable decisions...


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