10 Things WWE Suddenly Wanted You To Care About (After Programming You To Hate Them)

In which Hulk Hogan ages backwards.


Vince McMahon is a creature of impulse.

He operates on a week-to-week basis in accordance with his whims. He has absolutely no regard for continuity, and expects you to fall in line. Think back to every dropped development of 2019. It is the Ultimate Thrill Ride.

Mojo Rawley used to look into a mirror, before being told that his Two out of Three Falls match has been cancelled at the last minute. That's not fair. Let's give Vince some credit: he is professional and prepared enough to complete the final draft of Monday Night RAW four minutes before it airs live. The Revival were presented as humiliated pissants, until Shane McMahon needed a couple of heaters, and so they were dressed in suits. We have deduced from the Robert Roode reinvention that Vince really likes a moustache...

...for six days.

Kevin Owens likes Sami Zayn, every now and then, and simply does not. Zayn doesn't turn on Owens subsequently because he has no interior life. He is a character who hates wrestling fans and blames them for everything. It's your fault WWE sucks. And Baron Corbin's, obviously. Such terrible, ratings-killing work must be punished! With a lengthy Universal Title programme!

2019 has accelerated this old mentality to a chaotic and fascinating extent, but it is as old as the man himself...


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