10 Things WWE Wants You To Forget About Christian

Ass Cream? And what about that 2009 Royal Rumble return that never was.

The wrestling career of WWE superstar Christian is winding down. In fact, he may have wrestled his last match without ever really announcing anything formally. It's been months since he's been in the ring and after two years of being injury prone, there are serious doubts about his future in the ring. Whether he wrestles again or not, his career has been very successful and he's probably going to be in the WWE Hall of Fame one day. Christian's a guy that won nearly every title in WWE history except for the big one, the WWE Title. His best friend Edge had a much more successful career in WWE in part because he was the bigger of the two guys and had more charisma, but Christian has a lasting legacy too. Together, the duo formed one of the most entertaining and best tag teams ever even though they really only paired up for about three years. When fans think about the best overall performers of the last 15 years they might not think of Christian's name first, but he's definitely in the discussion as one of the most important role players in WWE. Think of it like a sports team. He wasn't the main guy that headlined the shows, but he was a very important upper midcard wrestler that was always able to put on an entertaining match or deliver a good promo. Not everybody can be a top guy. Christian still carved out a very nice career for himself. Here's a closer look at some of the things WWE wants us to forget about a guy that was once nicknamed the "creepy little bastard" Christian.

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