10 Things WWE Wants You To Forget About Alexa Bliss

Randy Orton, Bray Wyatt and Bayley all had WWE moments to forget with Alexa Bliss!

Alexa Bliss Randy Orton

Alexa Bliss wasn't on WWE TV much in 2023, but there were good reasons for that.

'Little Miss Bliss' revealed she was undergoing skin cancer treatment in March, then announced she'd fallen pregnant to musician husband Ryan Cabrera. Obviously, the second piece of news is much happier than the first, and everyone wishes the couple well now their baby girl has been born. Welcome to the world, baby Hendrix!

WWE doesn't want you to forget everything about Alexa's life and career, but there are select moments of their own making that the company would prefer fans to pretend never happened. You might be left a bit shocked when revisiting some of these erm..."Moments Of Bliss" from over the years.

Alexa starred in one of the worst Raw segments of all time, worked authority figure roles you've almost certainly forgotten about, and even defeated a recent returnee on PLE. That last one won't be something WWE chats openly about again, let's be honest.

Also, do you recall Bliss holding titles for less than a full minute, or what her WWE audition tape was like? Brace yourselves for that!

10. “Baby Swag”

Alexa Bliss Randy Orton

WWE briefly aired footage of Alexa's company audition tape during an episode of the old 365 documentary series, but it should probably be destroyed. Bliss, to her credit, ripped it out of herself for thinking up the name "Baby Swag" (yes, seriously) for that 2013 promo, and for describing herself as "bubbly, flirty and always trying to be the centre of attention".

This was peak Diva-era cringe, being totally honest.

The embarrassing audition tape basically used every adjective John Laurinaitis looked for in would-be "Divas". Bliss also revealed that she'd paid some dude around $100 to film her strutting around in a bikini, and the vid appears to have been shot in a cafeteria somewhere.

As if that wasn't enough, Alexa took an awkward bump onto some gym mats at the end. At least she has the sense to laugh about this now, but WWE probs don't want folks remembering that they mandated bikini auditions.


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