10 Things WWE Wants You To Forget About Carlito

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When looking back on Carly 'Carlito' Colon's WWE career, it's easiest to remember him as a capable midcarder with a fairly strong gimmick - and that's a damn shame. The son of Puerto Rican wrestling royalty, Carlito lived and breathed the business from a young age, evident in the ease with which he moved around the ring and his natural charisma. He has a handful of midcard title reigns to his name, but surely had the potential to go a lot further in WWE than he ended up going. Part of this may be down to the fact that Carlito broke through at roughly the same time as Cena, Batista and Orton, physically imposing superstars with a far more 'bankable' look. In today's less size-obsessed WWE, he may well have found the deck stacked more in his favour. There have been rumblings recently that Carlito might be on his way back to the company for another run (although with the recent return of Alberto Del Rio that seems less likely), which would be good for the fans. Despite his undeniable ability and charisma, however, Carlito's career will forever be associated with several unflattering moments.

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