10 Things WWE Wants You To Forget About No Mercy


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The new brand split is well under way, with both Raw and Smackdown having produced one pay-per-view/Network special apiece over the past month or so. Smackdown presented Backlash in early September, which was followed by Raw's Clash of Champions just two weeks later. The general consensus seems to be that the blue brand's effort was superior, and eyes are now turned towards No Mercy, which will take place on Sunday, October 9th.

To a great many fans, the name 'No Mercy' will conjure up images of WWE's incredibly well-received Nintendo 64 video game (released in 2000), but it was also a WWE 'B' pay-per-view running from 1999 until 2008. It began life as a UK-exclusive PPV before WWE bizarrely made it a US event just months later and it has been both Smackdown and Raw-exclusive in the past, too.

It was, generally speaking, one of WWE's superior B PPVs, responsible for many classic contests such as the Hardy Boys versus Edge and Christian in the first ever tag team ladder match in '99 (US event, of course) and The Rock and Chris Jericho's WCW World Heavyweight Title match in 2001. While usually good, it's not exactly perfect and, as with most WWE pay-per-view events, its history is littered with things the company would rather fans not dwell on.

Baffling booking decisions, disastrous title changes and unplanned nudity: these are the things WWE wants you to forget about No Mercy...


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