10 Things You Didn't Know About Doink The Clown

The literal crown prince of WWE history had more depth than many other cartoon gimmicks.

Looking back at footage from the initial forays of the character still gives a certain generation of wrestling fans nightmares. Doink The Clown first appeared on WWF screens in 1992, expertly played to perfection by Matt Osbourne - so effective was the gimmick as a heel that a portion of fans were legitimately relieved once the persona was switched from the heel side of the fence to play babyface, but that wouldn't last long. Unfortunately, due to a combination of factors, mainly the fact that Osbourne had been so good in the role, Doink would never quite be the same again. By the time the diminutive Dink was added, in an effort to give the role more appeal to young children, the gimmick had become so hokey that adult fans quickly grew tired of the clown, and chants such as, ''Kill the clown' were common at live events and TV tapings. Eventually being killed off by the company in 1995, Doink The Clown still leaves an everlasting legacy on today's WWE. Many modern fans bemoan the cartoon-era of WWF television, but the initial heel Doink was far more effective than Adam Rose's bunny, Hornswoggle, or any other number of modern cartoon-like characters. Interestingly, Doink has a history ripe with little-known facts. Here are some of the best.

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