10 Things You Didn't Know About Finn Balor

7. Finn And Matt Bloom Are Very Close


Most important of all, however, is Balor’s connection with Matt Bloom. The former Tensai was wrestling as Giant Bernard when Balor enrolled in NJPW’s famed dojo back in 2006, and they hit it off straight away.

Their seemingly unlikely friendship continued long after Bloom had left Japan to return to WWE, and when he was promoted to his current role as NXT’s Head Trainer and Producer, Balor was one of the first names Bloom recommended the company sign.

Balor inked a contract shortly afterwards, and continues to hold Bloom in the highest regard. In fact, Balor has recently been quoted a saying “on a personal level, nobody in WWE knows me as well as Matt Bloom”, and the man formerly known as Albert was no doubt vital in aiding Balor’s transition from Japanese Strong Style to mainstream American wrestling.

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