10 Things You Didn’t Know About Shelton Benjamin

Including a Guinness world record and a rather unlikely entrance song...


If you tuned into SmackDown this week, you’re likely well aware that Shelton Benjamin will soon be returning to WWE programming, having been signed to the Tuesday night brand.

Then again, even if you didn’t catch the show, the widespread plugging on WWE’s YouTube channel, various social media and just about every major wrestling news site, has made this latest revelation pretty much unmissable.

The move isn’t necessarily the greatest surprise. After the recent Draft left SmackDown’s roster a little thin on the ground, the rumour mill began to suggest that we could be seeing the returns of a few familiar faces.

Of all the names being bandied about, though, Benjamin’s is arguably the biggest. During his earlier stint in the company, he helped himself to United States, Intercontinental and Tag Team gold, whilst also establishing himself as one of the most exciting performers in ladder match history.

But beyond the obvious, there are still some lesser known Shelton factoids floating out there in the more distant corners of the internet. And this article looks to bring you the best of them, as we count down ten of the more uncommon trivia regarding the latest signee to the SmackDown brand.


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