10 Things You Didn't Know About Wendi Richter

6. Appeared In Cyndi Lauper's "She Bop" Music Video


With Cyndi Lauper's music/wrestling crossover appeal in full swing, professional wrestlers often frequented her music videos. It was no surprise that Wendi Richter appeared in the 1984 Certified Gold hit, "She Bop."

In the video, Richter made her cameo as a waitress in a fast food restaurant called Burger Klone. She even got to lip-sync a couple of early song lyrics while Lauper sat in a steamy car while looking at a dirty magazine.

The song and video is notable because of its controversial topic: masturbation. Many of the innuendos might have been lost to younger listeners of the time but they're more than obvious now. 

There's a game of 'Masterbingo' in the middle of the video. There's also a cartoon where Lauper gets mad at the help of a gas station attendant; she annoyingly points to the 'self-service' sign posted. 

The lyrics are equally suggestive with clever lines such as: "They say I better get a chaperone because I can't stop messing with the danger zone." Cyndi would later admit to Howard Stern that she recorded all of her vocals while completely nude.

Wendi Richter's role in this video might be brief but she can proudly proclaim that she was involved with a song and video that is on the Parents Music Resource Center's 'Filthy Fifteen' List, which ultimately led to the creation of those lovable parental advisory stickers.


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