10 Things You Learn As A Wrestling Commentator

Note to self: "Mamma Mia" and "Slobberknocker" are already taken.

Oli Sandler/Defiant Wrestling

I've been blessed to be a pro wrestling colour commentator for close to two years now.

Before getting the gig, I worked as heel manager James R. Kennedy for approximately seven years in companies like ICW, WCPW and other assorted indy groups. It was a riot, but something deep down always felt like it was missing. Truthfully, I hated bumping, and believed I had more to give beyond cutting promos or tripping the ref's leg.

One day, at a 2017 WCPW show, I'd finished up my promos and was done for the night. Bored, I asked if I could maybe sit in on comms for a match starring my old tag team. Although the promoter wasn't sure at first, he eventually relented to my non-stop whines and put me in. As cliched as it sounds, I really haven't looked back.

I reckon I've found my calling in wrestling. This is something I've longed to do since giggling along with Bobby Heenan's quips or marvelling at the job Jerry Lawler did during the Attitude Era. I've also learned a ton since first sitting down to call a show. It's been a wonderful blend of humbling, exciting and personally fulfilling.

Here's what you learn, both about wrestling and yourself, as a fledgling colour man...

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