10 Things You Learn As A WWE Creative Writer

10. It's Scripted...But Not As Much As You Think.


Everyone over the age of 10 knows that, in professional wrestling, the match results are pre-determined. Contrary to popular belief, the writers don't actually write the matches. That is done by "producers" or "road agents". They work with the talent to create the best match possible based on the story lines developed by the creative team.

The best laid plans, however, often fall to ruin. Whether it's an unexpected injury, a delayed flight, personal issues or just good old backstage politics, the scripted plan would sometimes have to be changed at the zero hour! In one instance, due to a travel conflict, we had to completely change a match, rewrite the script, distribute it, get the talent together with a producer, and come up with a full match less than 90 minutes before going on live TV. What makes the guys in the ring professional is that they were able to pull it off as though it were the plan all along. 

Obviously not every match is a classic, but sometimes the wrestlers are asked to overcome some pretty serious hindrances and make it look natural like Butch Reed. It's for this reason that many lower and mid-card talent travel with the TV crew, even if they aren't scheduled to appear. You never know when you will get called in to take over a main event.

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