10 Things You Learn As A WWE Creative Writer

9. Vince Was Very Particular About His Snacks.

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Before any TV or pay-per-view event, Vince and certain members of the production team would meet early in the day to have what is called a "Production Meeting". These meetings covered everything from script changes and talent issues to where we could find worms for "The Boogeyman" to eat in the ring. While it was likely that twelve things would change by showtime, the production meeting was important in establishing a baseline for the day.

One of the well-known rules of WWE production meetings was that there was to always be a Detour protein bar and a Diet Dr. Pepper at Vince's seat for the meeting. Oftentimes it would be the responsibility of Writer Assistants to procure these items and be sure they were in place before Vince's arrival. He didn't go crazy about it. The bar didn't have to be a specific flavor and the Diet Dr. Pepper didn't have to be exactly 47.2 degrees or anything. That's just what he liked to snack on.

Mr. McMahon is definitely one of those people who becomes so busy that he forgets to eat. When this happened, there would always be a spare Detour bar and Diet Dr. Pepper laying around that needed to be discarded after the meeting. Needless to say, I ended up consuming a few Detours and Peppers during that time.

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