10 Things You Learn Binge Watching Every WCW Nitro

Surviving all 288 episodes...

What kind of sado-masochistic fool would willingly sit through all 288 episodes of WCW's Monday Nitro in 2020? The answer is, of course: THIS GUY. Being locked up by the government during a global pandemic does strange things to people, apparently, including revisiting some of the worst wrestling ever with a smile.


The thing is, this writer loves World Championship Wrestling. He always has, and anybody who reads enough WhatCulture will have been battered over the head at some point by subtle (and not-so-subtle) nods towards the fallen giant. Nitro was the lightning bolt wrestling needed in the mid-90s, and its legacy should never be forgotten.

WCW's flagship debuted on 4 September 1995 and waved goodbye to the world on 26 March 2001. During that 2,030 day span, the broadcast pioneered many of the tropes one can see on wrestling telly today. It also ripped up the rulebook and delivered some content so awkwardly comedic you'd swear Ricky Gervais wrote it.

Here's everything you can learn from watching madness unfold across five and a half years of beautiful, tragic and occasionally horrible WCW history...

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