10 Things You Learn Binge Watching Every WWE Raw From 1993

10. The Name Didn't Fit The Product

Manhattan Center Raw

WWE would like everyone to believe that Raw was a complete departure from established shows like Superstars, Wrestling Challenge and the like. The truth is somewhat less kind: Vinnie Mac's new vision played out like an internal battle in his own mind, and showed how reluctant he was to let go of familiar routines.

Raw's "Uncut, Uncooked, Uncensored" slogan comes across as ridiculous when viewed today. It was always going to, perhaps, because the company couldn't exactly go wild with smut, language or violence - they still had to be mindful of their core audience, one predominantly made up of families with young children.

So, early Raw wasn't actually that raw.

The first batch of episodes could be summed up as Wrestling Challenge with a new set. As game for it as fans in Manhattan were, they weren't met halfway. Nobody can convince this guy that bouts like Bob Backlund vs. Kimchee fit the "Uncut, Uncooked, Uncensored" billing.

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