10 Things You Need To Know About WWE's UK Tryout Wrestlers

4. Travis Banks Follows A Vegan Lifestyle

Travis Banks

Fans of WCPW will know Travis Banks as both 'The Kiwi Buzzsaw' and a member of The Prestige. Ruthless throughout his performances and armed with a series of super-stiff kicks, the New Zealand-born technician has a much more mild temperament outside the ring.

Prompted by real-life friends like 'Bruiserweight' Pete Dunne and current WWE United Kingdom Champion Tyler Bate, Banks decided to start following a Vegan diet last year. Doing this strictly for health reasons more so than any morality, the Kiwi has nonetheless found numerous physical benefits to switching up his intake and removing animal products from his diet.

Now more lithe than ever before and determined to make a splash on his chosen profession with newfound energy stemming from his eating habits, Banks must have left an impression during the WWE tryouts for his shredded physique and obvious ability between the ropes.

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