10 Times Controversy Inspired WWE Changes

When sh*t starts to hit the fan, Vinny Mac opts to shake things up.

Eddie Guerrero debut WWE match injury

The word 'controversy' has been a mainstay when discussing WWE programming for what feels like an eternity.

The reason?

Well, look no further than the man up top.

Vince McMahon - for all of his groundbreaking concepts - has never been one to shy away from lighting the fuse of public debate and this was clearly evidenced in one of his most recent jaw-dropping deals, when he signed a mammoth 10-year multi-platform partnership with the Saudi General Sports Authority.

It was a move that p*ssed off large portions of his loyal fanbase and left many fans feeling as though WWE were promoting a regime which deems assassinating journalists justifiable - and yes, that deal will be mentioned a few more times within this piece.

Yet, a number of questionable events (Saudi super shows included) have helped pave the way for some of WWE's most important changes.

Some of these alterations were obviously more substantial than others, but what really matters is that some of the company's darkest hours were responsible for them all.

McMahon isn't an idiot and knows full well that when he is backed into a corner - by the press or his own fans - actions speak loudest, and he has routinely demonstrated a will to provide seismic change when the time calls for it.

So, here's just a few instances when controversial moments led to WWE changes.


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