10 Times ECW Went Way Too Far

From dangerous stunts to misogyny, ECW wasn't all awesome.

The influence ECW had on professional wrestling cannot be understated. Even after all the books, the reunion shows, the documentaries (both official and otherwise), ECW's lasting legacy is that it provided the raw tools for both WCW and WWF to succeed as greatly as they did during wrestling's most prosperous period. Paul Heyman's keen eye for talent, and maniacal business methods masterminded a revolution. In ECW, everyone had a place. If you wanted to be there, Heyman would find something for you to do. Whether you were high-flying, brawling, technical or hardcore, ECW was the place to try new things and force the entire wrestling world to catch up to the rest of nineties pop-culture. While Heyman undoubtedly succeeded in this venture, sometimes ECW went too far in the name of revolution. ECW is remembered unfairly for being the "hardcore" promotion when it was so much more than that, but it's always going to be the stuff that crosses the line that gets remembered, and ECW had that in abundance. A lot of the time it was just the case of the audience not being ready for that type of storytelling, but on too many unfortunate occasions real people got really hurt. Here are just ten examples of ECW going just too far in their quest to entertain.
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