10 Times Hell Froze Over In Wrestling

NEVER Say Never


During the 1990s, lead announcer Jim Ross was instructed to inform viewers that "anything can happen in the World Wrestling Federation". Clearly, this was supposed to be little more than a nifty marketing slogan, one designed to sell the unpredictable nature of the promotion's product. On more than one occasion however, it proved to be true statement.

Hell freezing over isn't restricted to the WWF/WWE either, companies like WCW, ECW, and even the NWA have all experienced things that seemed flat out impossible before they happened. Shocks are one thing, but the occasions listed here reflect times during which the world of pro wrestling was turned upside down.

Heel turns that came out of nowhere, surprise appearances that left everyone stunned, and even real-life forgiveness that came out of left field are all included. Furthermore, controversial inductions into wrestling's most prestigious ceremony and eye-popping match results beg to be explored.

Let's look at 10 times hell froze over in pro wrestling, leaving absolutely everybody (watching at home and from backstage) incredulous...

10. Brock Lesnar Returns To UFC


On 9 July 2016, Brock Lesnar made his return to Mixed Martial Arts as part of UFC 200. Under WWE contract, 'The Beast' appeared in the octagon in victory against New Zealand brute Mark Hunt. It wasn't something anyone could see have seen coming before the news was made public.

Despite Vince McMahon's assertions in the past that he's in a different business to the MMA juggernaut, it was still impossible to imagine him allowing a contracted talent to fight for real on someone else's show.

Furthermore, Brock was back in time for a fearsome SummerSlam destruction of Randy Orton, making the deal even more incredible. The fight came only a year removed from Lesnar himself suggesting that he was done with MMA, and fully-focused on things going forward with WWE.

As a competitive athlete, it seems he missed the preparation, hype, and satisfaction only real fighting can provide. This may have been something burning in the background between Lesnar and WWE, but that doesn't change the fact few predicted it.


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