10 Times Imitation Was Not The Sincerest Form Of Flattery In Wrestling

9. Asya


Time for a little lesson in WCW logic.

Chyna was one of the WWF's biggest stars of the entire 'Attitude Era' during the late-1990s and even achieved some crossover celebrity appeal for holding her own in what was traditionally a 'man's world'. WCW looked on with envy, so they had to find their own female bodybuilding star.

Enter Asya, a well-muscled woman by the name of Christi Wolf. The name wasn't an accident; WCW's top brass truly believed that the moniker would hit home with fans because, get this, the continent of Asia as a whole is larger than China as a solitary country. Wow. No wonder this company had trouble holding onto a fanbase in 1999.

It's times like these that wrestling fans have to wonder if promoters believe them to be stupid. Asya may have been a female bodybuilder, but she had none of the in-ring acumen, charisma or presence of the bonafide WWF star she was trying to mimic. We're serious, none.

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