10 Times The Wrong Wrestler Won

What were they thinking?

It happens all the time, plans are subject to change and the unexpected occurs. Often times, surprises can be pleasant, provocative even. Other times they’re just head in your hands bad.

In the world of professional wrestling, upsets, title changes and switcharoos are all a dime a dozen. Many of the angles, promos and feuds surrounding such things capture the imaginations of the audience, investing them emotionally in where the stories are heading. Often times the final destination is thrilling, a satisfying conclusion that convinces everyone to tune in tomorrow night.

Other results however, can be rather baffling. Whether it’s playing it safe or trying to surprise everyone without putting thought into its ramifications, some match results over the years have been downright bizarre, infuriating even.

Here, let’s take a look at times the wrong wrestler won a major match up and the unfortunate consequences of these booking gaffs. For this list, we’ll only be looking at match decision catastrophes from the turn of the century. Otherwise we’d have a 100 Times The Wrong Wrestler Won with 90 of them going to WCW.


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