10 Times Wrestlers Abandoned Their Comfort Zone

Risky Business.

Wrestling can be quite the unforgiving and unpredictable industry at the best of times, so it's understandable that superstars look for stability and reliability in their act, then cling to it for dear life if a spot is secured.

As fans, its easy to lose sight that professional wrestling is still a living to the performers first and foremost, and if a role or position within a company is paying the bills, it's reasonable to accept that bottom line trumping creative satisfaction of both the audience and performer.

Author F.E Higgins once said 'What is life if not a gamble', and indeed there is often little greater joy than viewing a performer gambling on their own talents outside of their norm and eventually finding an entirely new level of success.

Whether it be leaving or entering a new promotion, or making radical adjustments to their in-ring style and/or character, the level of self-improvement is commendable in triumph and failure alike especially within typically choppy Sports Entertainment waters.

Analysing the tremendous risk, massive reward and occasional regret, here are 10 times wrestlers completely abandoned their comfort zones.

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