10 Times Wrestlers Attempted Murder In WWE

When winning wrestling matches isn't enough, some WWE stars resort to attempted homicide!

The Undertaker Kane Paul Bearer Casket Fire Royal Rumble 1998

As Rob Van Dam once asked: "Why all the hostility?!".

That laid back master of Dave Meltzer-pleasing frog splashes was the kind who'd take insane risks on TV to win matches, but he was never booked to try and murder anybody on-screen. Countless others have been though. Honestly, you won't believe the number of attempted homicides on WWE programming over the years.

Longtime fans will be able to predict some of the faces popping up here, but a few will shock even the most brainy out there. For example, one segment from the 30 July 2019 episode of SmackDown has been lost to the sands of time - there's no way most people recall what happened there, so...surprise!

WWE stars have tried to destroy one another with various vehicles (including cranes), and some even decided that throwing another human being off company headquarters was the way to go. Yes, that actually happened. So, mind you, did one wrestler hanging another by the neck at WrestleMania.

Nothing screams family friendly entertainment like gathering around the TV to watch one pro wrestler try to murder another, eh?

Let's open these police files!

10. Everyone In 'Buried Alive' Matches

The Undertaker Kane Paul Bearer Casket Fire Royal Rumble 1998

When: Countless WWE pay-per-views!

What Happened: What didn't happen? Before cracking on with individual cases, let's incriminate anybody who ever picked up a shovel during one of those 'Buried Alive' bouts. Of course, the wrestlers involved in these wacky gimmick matches were literally trying to murder the other person too, but they often had help.

Everyone from Bradshaw and Goldust to Crush and even Triple H started tossing dirt around during one of these things. They'd all be found guilty of trying to do the same thing workers such as Mankind, The Undertaker, Steve Austin and Vince McMahon were over the years.

'Buried Alive' matches have pretty much vanished in the modern era, but they were a staple of The Undertaker's gimmick back in the day. The same could be said for Kane - he loved shovelling some dirt on top of fools, then recoiling in horror as they unthinkably survived.

More on some of these names later.


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