10 Times Wrestlers Blew Out Their Quads

Kevin Nash isn't the only one who manages to do it!

Tripleh Injury

The quadriceps tear is a painful, debilitating injury. The quad is located on the front of the leg, and it works in collaboration with the hamstring (on the back of the leg) to bend and extend the knee. It's unusual for a normal person to tear his or her quadricep during typical, every day activities, It's usually the result of strenuous, overworked activity, like the type that professional wrestlers engage in for 52 weeks a year. What increases the risk factor for injury? Anabolic steroid usage, which was a huge problem in the WWE during the 80's, 90's, and even the early 00's. It was only after multiple wrestlers were injured or died from heart failure at a young age, that the WWE clamped down hard, and subjected their roster to random, Olympic style testing — Randy Orton looks a lot smaller than he did a few years ago.

A muscle tear is serious business, but the Internet, in its twisted wisdom, has made it into a dark, hilarious meme about Kevin Nash. Nash tore his quad on Raw by stepping over his opponent, and it was all captured live on camera. It was pure schadenfreude; if it was ever possible for a career threatening injury to be hilarious, this was it. But Kevin Nash isn't the only one who's managed this dubious feat. 

Here are 10 Times That Wrestlers Blew Out Their Quads. And of course, we're saving the big guy himself for last.

10. Mark Henry

Tripleh Injury

Date: 2004

The World's Strongest Man has never had it easy in the WWE. Vince McMahon has always seem him as more of a freak show than a belt contender. He's been a jobber to the stars for the years now, and he's shifted from heel, to face, and back again; it seems like the WWE throws him just enough victories to keep him happy. 

He's dealt with many injuries, but none may have been more painful than his quad injury, which happened while he was running the ropes in OVW. The injury required surgery, and Henry wasn't seen on Raw again for over a year.

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