10 Times Wrestling And Animals Didn't Mix

Animals and wrestling have a long history - and it doesn't always end well.


There's an old saying in showbusiness - never work with animals or children.

It appears that Vince McMahon has not heard this saying. Just ask Dominik Mysterio or Nicholas.

The same goes for animals in wrestling, as the two have such a long and intertwined history that there's a dedicated Wikipedia page on the topic.

Whilst wrestling loves its animals, the same cannot be said for the other way around. If animals could speak, they'd probably all tell you just how much they hate wrestling, because being involved in the sport doesn't usually end well for them or the wrestlers that handle them.

The following ten entries don't always end disastrously - some are embarrassing and some just plain hilarious. However, some of these stories can get a bit grim.

Hopefully you aren't traumatised too badly by what you're about to read (also, if you're from Greenpeace, don't shoot the messenger), as we're about to get into the murky world of when animals and wrestling didn't mix.


10. Randy Savage Vs. A Snake


It's been said before and it's worth saying again - Randy Savage was a nutcase.

Whether it was cutting promos on cups of coffee, his turbulent relationship with Miss Elizabeth, or the rap album he released, nothing Randy Savage ever did made a lot of sense and it was hard to imagine what was going on inside the head of the Macho Man.

Especially when that head decided it would be a good idea to let a live snake bite him.

On an episode of WWF Superstars, Savage was on commentary duty when his rival, Jake 'The Snake' Roberts, called him out to the ring. Savage made his way down and was blindsided by Roberts, who tied him up in the ropes before unleashing an actual cobra on the stricken Savage.

Whilst you might think that the WWF came up with a clever way to make sure Savage didn't get hurt by the reptile, you'd be dead wrong.

Savage - who, as we mentioned, was a nutcase - decided that the only way to make the snake biting him seem real was to have it actually bite him.

Yes, Randy Savage was once bitten by a snake on live TV.


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