10 Times Wrestling Fans Got What They Wanted (But Didn’t Realise)

10. "We Want WCW To Come Back"


All Elite Wrestling's TNT press release was lowkey hilarious, in that it essentially listed everything WWE does so poorly and proclaimed 'Yeah, we're just gonna go ahead and do the opposite of all that sh*t'.

Tony Khan and Cody have circulated more informally the real thrust of the promotion: WCW, only good. Unfortunately, the LOLWCW influence has crept in - the EVPs need a calendar with which to determine Kris Statlander's availability - but there's a genuine, much-needed sporting flair to Dynamite's presentation that answers two decades' worth of calls.

The show is on TNT, and is called by Jim Ross and Tony Schiavone, who bring with them a warm, authoritative presence. Often, Schiavone will rush to the entrance ramp to conduct a post-match interview in the vein of a real sports presentation, and indeed WCW. The wild, show-closing brawls don't rest on a static, cinematic image; the idea, cribbed from WCW, is to put over Dynamite as a real event that is documented and not produced. In-ring, there is a strong emphasis on athleticism, physicality and expression. Much like Eric Bischoff countered the WWF's in-house style with diversity, AEW allows its performers to get over with their own styles.

Factions dominate the shared storytelling universe, from the Elite's Four Horsemen, the Inner Circle's disrupting nWo, and the Dark Order's fairly naff Dungeon of Doom.

But AEW has also drawn inspiration from a more unlikely source...


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